Meet Aware, a delicious, no-sugar-added juice drink that’s naturally sweetened. No added sugar. No artificial sweeteners. YET. Sweet, tasty, refreshing. So the next time you think juice drinks, be Aware, choose Aware.

It’s the only drink that can boast of:



You want to reduce sugar in your life. We have been there too. But when you reach out to the chiller, what do you get?

. a tasty juice drink but with 8 spoons of sugar per serving
. a cold-pressed 100% juice – but the price is crazy high

We promise no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, without compromising on the refreshing taste you deserve.

Meet the awakened

Aware is one of a kind drink! I was happily surprised to find out that it had no added or artificial sugar in it and still tasted so nice! The biggest plus – it is affordable! It definitely is going to be my Daily Dose of drinks from now on 🙂


Aware is a fantastic drink, that’s perfect for hardcore calorie counters like me. Doesn’t compromise on the taste either.

The moment I tasted the Orange drink, the first thing I could think was it is so yummy. Not too sweet, not to sour. It was a perfect balance. The biggest surprise was that it was sugar-free. The amount was also really apt, it is the perfect amount you can sip on while doing some work, it will be best to have in the office. Even though I am not a big fan apple juice, it was much more delicious than the most apple juices I have had.

We are the UNDERDAWGS.


You know what’s easy. Loading up beverages & foods with sugar thereby making them tasty & addictive. Don’t take our word for it, just check the nutrition label of the product and look for ‘sugar’ or ‘added sugar’ in the list.

At UnderDawg, we believe it’s no fun taking the easy path. We have accepted the challenge of making tasty and enjoyable beverages and foods without injecting them with an overdose of added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

We are extremely passionate about our mission:

. 30% of Urban India is obese and 17% is diabetic or pre-diabetic. A diet high in sugar is one of the key reasons.

. To keep us and our families healthy, we should be aware of the sugar in packaged juice drinks and soft drinks.