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We believe that healthy eating, clean air, and gentle character is the best start to genuine wellbeing.

Aware is one of a kind drink! I was happily surprised to find out that it had no added or artificial sugar in it and still tasted so nice! The biggest plus – it is affordable! It definitely is going to be my Daily Dose of drinks from now on 🙂


Aware is a fantastic drink, that’s perfect for hardcore calorie counters like me. Doesn’t compromise on the taste either.

The moment I tasted the Orange drink, the first thing I could think was it is so yummy. Not too sweet, not to sour. It was a perfect balance. The biggest surprise was that it was sugar-free. The amount was also really apt, it is the perfect amount you can sip on while doing some work, it will be best to have in the office. Even though I am not a big fan apple juice, it was much more delicious than the most apple juices I have had.

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